Rise Gluck

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  • date: 10-9-18
I am a creative designer with many years of experience designing for the textile and carpet industries. I have designed for all areas of home furnishings: rugs, bedding, upholstery, curtains, shower curtains, table linens and wallpaper and also apparel.

William Taswell III

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  • date: 10-5-18
Senior level designer with an innate sense of style with a strong eye to forecast/interpret viable trends, including influentially changing consumer lifestyles, to create passionately from both a successful, creative and business standpoint.

Nunzia Prendez

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  • date: 10-3-18
Innovative and artistic professional. Well rounded designer familiar with the complete product creation life cycle, from initial concept to retail sale.

Kearsten Salazar

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  • date: 10-2-18
Multi-faceted Fashion Industry Professional with creativity not only in design, but also in problem solving. Possessing insight in current and future market trends, domestically and globally. A leader and a team player.