Cynthia Roney

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Apparel Product Development | Technical Design | Strategic Alignment | Brand Direction & Ideation | Trend-Right Fits
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Infant and Toddler Girls

Infant and Toddler Girls X
Infant Toddler Girls Product Development

Infant Toddler Boys

Infant Toddler Boys X
Toddler Boys Development, Project 1-4, was for Shaun White at Target and was to translate into Toddler size from the existing 8-20 line. I came up with mood, concept, ideas, market ideas, graphics influence and came up with color and graphics

Girls And Baby Misc Projects

Girls And Baby Misc Projects X
Spring Summer 2016 Direction with Color Focus, print and graphic directions. And Baby Layette groups design/development showing influence, color story, graphics and silhouette designs in a monochromatic color theme.

Swimwear Design

Swimwear Design X
Swimwear Design and Development

Layette - Baby - Infant

Layette - Baby - Infant X
Layette, Baby, Infant Design and Development

Infant Toddler Boys

Infant Toddler Boys X
Infant Toddler Boys Design and Development
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    FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
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    The Art Institute
    BFA Fashion Design
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As a seasoned Senior Apparel Designer, I drive commercial success for brands through the creation of products that seamlessly integrate with the brand's aesthetic and strongly resonate with target markets. Leveraging extensive experience in the apparel industry, I combine technical proficiency with a flair for creativity and innovation. My approach is founded on a rich understanding of garment construction, materials, and industry trends, ensuring that each design not only meets the highest standards of quality but also captivates consumers and enhances the brand's market standing.

My comprehensive understanding of the design umbrella encompasses a proven track record in building seasonal collections, launching new products and private label brands, and revitalizing existing in-house brands. I specialize in strategic design leadership, bringing vision to material selection, color stories, and styling details. My expertise spans end-to-end design management, from visual presentations to tech packs, ensuring design integrity. I excel in cross-functional collaboration, driving innovation, and anticipating production issues.

- Tripled sales after taking over the design process at Haus of Grey. Initiated a strategic design shift.
- Consistently remained 3 months ahead of the target timeline for all seasonal collections.
- Revolutionized the fit process within Haus of Grey, reducing fittings from 4+ to a streamlined one-step process.
- Expanded product placement and retail footprint from one to two Pebble Beach stores.
- Generated 2K+ sales and boosted visibility by conceptualizing a special project to meet a client's unique request.

I bring a genuine passion for the apparel industry, constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills. As a collaborative team player, I exhibit excellence across diverse product categories, showcasing adaptability and a broad skill set.

If you’re looking for someone who delivers best-in-class apparel design, is adept at learning new technologies, and coordinates with multifunctional teams, email me at

Technical Skills: Adobe Suite, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, Computer Generated Sketches, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Catalog Layout InDesign, Shopify, MailChimp

Apparel Product Categories: Denim, Knitwear, Woven Garments, Athletic Sportswear, Cut & Sew Knits, Full-Fashioned Sweaters, Loungewear & Underwear, Outerwear, Structured Jackets, Yoga Bottoms & Tops, Graphic T-Shirts, Swimwear, Dresses

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