Maddie Lefebvre

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  • date: 12-13-21
Design and Merchandising Student with a strong interest in working with luxury brands to develop collections focused on attainable luxury fashion and working in realm of product development.

Makayla Thomas

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  • date: 12-13-21
I am Makayla Thomas, and I would like to become a lead Apparel Designer.

Megan Bienemann

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  • date: 12-13-21
Hi! I'm Megan, an aspiring bespoke designer. I am senior at Kent State University pursuing a B.A. in Fashion Design. My goal as a designer is to focus on attention to detail and craftsmanship, while making pieces that will last a lifetime.

D'Antae Butler

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  • date: 12-13-21
My designs can be described as optimistic, showing-stopping, daring. I love to challenge myself with creating avant-garde and couture garments that makes you wonder how. I want my designs to inspire, break boundaries, and challenge norms.

Amanda Grabowski

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  • date: 12-13-21
As a designer I strive to create pieces that make ALL women feel beautiful, through the use of fun colors, exciting designs and the love that I put into every garment.