Mary Valin

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  • date: 5-18-22
My experience is creating prints/patterns in repeat, graphic art, CADS, trend research, board books, gift sets, apparel, accessories, plush, & bedding components for baby and children's market. I excel working outside of my comfort zone.

Rumana Begum

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  • date: 5-18-22
Creating prints & silhouettes using Adobe software. Weave designs using multiple color combinations. Future ideas: Bridal's and other Dresses uniquely designed with a little hint of elegance.

Larry J Haack

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  • views: 3562
  • date: 5-17-22
Creative, motivated, enthusiastic CAD designer whose dedication has led to successful start-up companies, brand lines, projects. Exceptional collaborative, interpersonal skills; strong computer, analytical skills to produce unique, creative results.

Renée White

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  • date: 5-17-22
Hi, I'm Renée! Art & Fashion is my oxygen- I'm a Textile & Apparel Graphic Designer with over 16 yrs of experience, which has equipped me with a multifaceted understanding of the harmonious (and delightful) relationship between those two disciplines.


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  • date: 5-16-22
I aspire to cultivate the silhouette of feminine la mode, to up-market women' fashion palette, to inspire, revamp and influence trends via androgynous flamboyancy and the deconstruction of Haute Couture.