Andrew Hull

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  • date: 11-12-22
With 20 years of diverse fashion industry experience, I am constantly exploring new technologies to improve design and production of apparel and accessories. I have experience in Browzwear, Clo3D, Cinema 4D, Blender, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Mariajose Pineda

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  • date: 3-16-23
Everyone has a purpose in life; mine is to be the change I want to see in the world. It's magical how determination, ambition, dedication, strength, inspiration, love, and passion can lead you to your goals.

Odalis Venegas

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  • date: 3-1-23
I am an apparel designer/merchandiser professional specializing in target market and client needs. My strengths include drafting 1st paper patterns and clothing construction. I have achieved creating designs as requested and styled individuals.

Lisa Tran

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  • date: 2-19-23
My work extends beyond graphic design and includes photography, fine arts, fashion and beauty. I'm personally drawn to clean, eye-catching graphics, and typography, but I feel these disciplines make for a better, more informed designer - me.