Holly Beedle

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  • date: 6-30-22
Design Director Consultant specialized in handbag, backpack, SLG, accessories and other hardline accessories categories including; home, footwear, belts, jewelry, sunglasses, wellness, cold weather, outerwear, hats and CPG. Open to opportunity.

Michael Lin

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  • date: 6-29-22
I'm Michael "Myko" Lin, a creative thought leader with a passion for innovation, product + conceptual storytelling and team mentoring. #opentowork


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  • date: 6-28-22
I have over 20 years of experience with major apparel manufactures as well as with smaller start up companies. My skills include Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Technical Design.

Emily Weise

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  • date: 6-20-22
When designing new looks, I always want to create size-inclusive clothing that any person can wear. I want people to feel comfortable, confident, sexy, and stylish. I love using color and patterns to create a visual impact.

Deborah K. Gauthier

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  • date: 6-18-22
I have been a professional in the apparel textile industry for my entire career. My background includes all aspects of textiles printing and design; from extensive domestic and international trend R&D shopping, art/mill direction.

Isabel Rendon

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  • date: 6-17-22
SUMMARY: I'm a Designer, Fit Tech and fashion stylist. Fifteen years of experience in the apparel industry. Passionate Ambitious, organized, efficient and determined with a good understanding of garment design, color theory fit an production stages.