Patriciann C Palka

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  • date: 3-19-19
Product Designer who is globally aware, eco-conscious, sophisticated in the Crafts-aesthetic of color and texture-driven design. Consistently hands-on, people oriented, and quality-driven, emphasizing bringing projects in on-time and within budget.

Brianna Cortelyou

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  • date: 3-18-19
My name is Brianna Cortelyou. I have an a associates degree in fashion design and a certification in graphic design. I am a NYC-based fashion/graphic designer and I am looking for a position that matches my skills. Relocation available.

Erica Gorman

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  • date: 3-18-19
Has experience with Mens, Women's and Children's apparel and accessories. Seeking opportunities in Trend Forecasting and Analysis.

alejandra mandelblum

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  • date: 3-17-19
I am a creative director, senior designer and multidisciplinary artist, known for strong creative vision, sharp editorial eye and intuitive marketing skills.

Samson Choi

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  • date: 3-15-19
Highly qualified, well rounded and creative senior designer, armed with broad-based expertise in fashion design with sound creativity, artistic talent, fashion sense and knowledge of new trends. Extensive experience in design and product development.

Elle Lensink

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  • date: 3-13-19
Looking for a full time Jewelry Design position in the NYC Metro area. 10+ years of exp from concept to final product, independant worker, exp managing design team. Manipulation & CAD. Email me for more design examples: