Yvette Janecki

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  • date: 7-25-17
Print and graphic designer . Creates her designs using different techniques, primarily digital (adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator) but also traditional like drawing, painting with watercolours, collage.

Matthew Demgen

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  • date: 7-24-17
Hands-on Design Director/Illustrator, proven, with a passion and vision for innovative fashion designs supported by a solid art and design background while excelling at team leadership and the ability to work with and inspire those on my team.

Kevin Linton

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  • date: 7-23-17
From a young age I have always had a passion for fashion, style and the arts. Since the beginning of 2013, I have been working as a freelance Fashion Stylist based in Florida, but serving clients throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Katherine Gergel

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  • date: 7-22-17
Senior student of the Apparel Merchandising and Management major at Cal Poly Pomona with an interest in textile buying and merchandising of children's and women's casual wear post-graduation.