Matthew Demgen

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  • date: 6-23-18
Hands-on Design Director/Illustrator, proven, with a passion and vision for innovative fashion designs supported by a solid art and design background while excelling at team leadership and the ability to work with and inspire those on my team.

Lisa Sheridan

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  • date: 6-21-18
Creative and versatile senior level designer with experience in multiple different sportswear markets, can also do sales presentations, product development, technical design, costing, and sourcing.

Diane Pollack

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  • views: 79
  • date: 6-21-18
Creative professional with extensive experience in women's sportswear design.

Stephanie Eve

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  • date: 6-19-18
Welcome to my on line portfolio. It is always a work in progress since I am always working and creating new projects. Please contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions. I am open to constructive criticism too, thank you.