Yaryna Zhuk

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  • views: 544
  • date: 3-28-17
Dedicated and accomplished Apparel Designer with a solid track record of achieving exceptional levels of efficiency and productivity along with a demonstrated background in managing successful clothing brands and creating innovative clothing designs.

Sonya Crowley

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  • views: 50
  • date: 3-28-17
Innovative, passionate, hardworking Fashion Designer that leads a highly creative but disciple approach to product creation.

Clara Marti

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  • views: 30
  • date: 3-28-17
I' m a french fashion stylist and blogger, currently living in Paris. I write, design, sketch & post the best of Fashion press. My work is specially on Instagram, but also on Facebook and my website.

Kelly A. Blair

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  • views: 20393
  • date: 3-28-17
An experienced & creative Fashion Designer & Product Developer. A strategic thinker with insight and creativity.


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  • date: 3-28-17
Fashion/Textile Designer with a passion for fashion and creative hands-on work experience using Photoshop, Illustrator, Kaledo, Ned Graphics, print repeats and colorways, Word and Excel tech packs, seeking a position in a dynamic work environment.