Aardra Ajaya Ghosh

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  • date: 4-3-20
Designs for extensive range of functional as well as decorative items or products used mainly for the purpose of decorating our homes.

shelley Mays

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  • date: 4-3-20
Proven Knitwear Design Director helping companies translate their goals to Reality

Nicole Encinosa

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  • date: 4-3-20
National and international experience in business, design and entrepreneurship. Focusing on the fashion industry since 2008, has successfully worked in various areas, such as product development, design, manufacturing, production and marketing.

Thomas Kurilla

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  • date: 4-3-20
Thomas Kurilla is an independent designer and manufacturer of handmade fine jewelry for men and women. Blending elegant sophistication with everyday wear ability, his original jewelry has been sold by Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, and Paul Smith.