Ashley Gonzalez

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  • date: 9-10-20
I am a women's RTW designer with 5+ years experience in Women's Denim and Wovens

Helen Yen

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  • date: 9-10-20
Portrait is an experimental project based on friends and family around me.

Riann Brozek

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  • date: 9-8-20
Creating trendy, illustrative designs for a woman who is ready for a night out at a festival, club, or concert.

Paul Austin

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  • date: 9-3-20
Fashion designer with 12 years experience for premium and luxury global brands across menswear and womenswear. Specialising in research, colour, design development and tech packs. Open to permanent and freelance positions in all locations.

Isabel Rendon

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  • date: 9-2-20
SUMMARY: I'm a Designer, Fit Tech and fashion stylist. Fifteen years of experience in the apparel industry. Passionate Ambitious, organized, efficient and determined with a good understanding of garment design, color theory fit an production stages.