Hat Heaven

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  • date: 9-5-22
Hat Heaven is a premium headwear shop that specializes in sports hats such as NFL hats and MLB caps.

Mina Hamodah

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  • date: 9-3-22
Timeless bridal wear that inspired by nature to represent delicacy and simplicity. The combination of fabrication and designs makes each wedding day unforgettable by giving the bride the ability to wear the dress for different events.

C B Cante

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  • date: 8-27-22
My designs have been sold in various top big brands/stores). I have done top selling niche cosmetics, apparel, accessories, and most recently digital apparel in game design.


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  • date: 8-26-22
Professional graphic artist with extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator programs, so as fine art skill in drawing and painting. A dedicated team player who is also able to work independently.

Jacqueline Rumohr

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  • date: 8-22-22
Design Consultant: I am a design professional dedicated to creativity, innovation and strategic business solutions. My background helps to propel creative and logical business practices that generate strong production solutions and sales growth.

Tim Hester

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  • date: 8-22-22
Fashion/Textile Designer for Women's and Men's wear with a passion for fashion and creative hands-on work experience seeking a position in a dynamic work environment.