Matthew Demgen

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  • date: 5-2-22
Hands-on Design Director/Illustrator, proven, with a passion and vision for innovative fashion designs supported by a solid art and design background while excelling at leadership and the ability to work with and inspire those on the team.

jessibel Velazquez

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  • date: 4-27-22
As a current apparel design major I'm striving to achieve many of my goals in skills that I have still to develop further in the fashion industry and I have still to identify my specialty so I try and dive into diverse areas in apparel design.

Stephen Oliver

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  • date: 4-21-22
The ethos of my design concepts is to create garments that create a feeling of confidence, sexiness, and visibility.

Yasmine Gardiner

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  • date: 4-10-22
Wardrobe Stylist with experience styling clients, high-profiled individuals, and working on-set productions.


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  • date: 4-7-22
I find that people tend to have these grandiose reasons as to why/how they got into fashion, but for me… I just love clothes. That being said, I have always had a hard time finding clothing that reflects my personal style.

Melissa Urrutia

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  • date: 4-7-22
Designing through the eyes of my inner child, combining my whimsical interest as a kid, with a modernized version of my style. For those who are unafraid to dress in unconventional styles and colors, and feel youthful yet mature.