Diana Petracca

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  • views: 9162
  • date: 5-5-23
Professional Fashion Designer. Costume and Performance. Passionate, creative,skilled,detail oriented,high-end, edgy, fashion forward, innovative.Combine inspiration, vision, ,design skills,knowledge for a strong unique outcome. 23years experience.

Jessica Pawid

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  • date: 5-2-23
Fashion Designer with 13+ years experience in concept development and execution in womenswear and menswear, specializing in RTW and denim.

Stella N.

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  • date: 4-23-23
Fashion Designer /Technical Designer professional with over 16 years experience in the NY Fashion industry.

Brian Schatell

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  • date: 4-16-23
An innovative and creative childrenswear graphic artist with a young and whimsical hand. Passionate about creating original artwork with an expertise in sketching, illustration and typography.

Diane Pollack

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  • date: 4-10-23
My creative eye enables me to capture the narrative: from an individual's personal style to a brand's design aesthetic.