Peggy Chiang

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  • views: 329
  • date: 10-27-20
I am a designer with advanced digital skills and a passion for sustainability. Outwear, denim, knitwear, and unisex fashion are my forte. I work well under pressure and enjoy collaborating with others.

Kentel Townsend

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  • views: 27483
  • date: 10-27-20
Professional experience in multiple product categories, launching and revitalizing products from development to bulk with domestic and international experience (India, Mauritius and the Middle East, Hong Kong and China).

Serena Lee

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  • views: 1859
  • date: 10-25-20
I have experience designing women's and men's sportswear, as well as prints and graphics.

Michele Sparks

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  • views: 144
  • date: 10-20-20
Design Director of Apparel recognized for driving brand concepts and product vision through creative thought leadership in product strategy and brand management.

Connie Bourgeois

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  • views: 51
  • date: 10-20-20
Freelance womenswear designer with 12 years of experience designing for brands with a laser sharp eye for technical specifications, price, and on trend design.