DANA Guglielmo

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  • views: 88
  • date: 2-18-21
I am a Senior Girls & Boys Apparel Designer who takes pride in the entire design process, bringing customers the most relevant design trends while maintaining brand identity. I am highly motivated and looking forward to new challenges.

Les Legaspi

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  • views: 792
  • date: 2-18-21
Printed Textile Designer. All categories of print, embroidery, CAD development & design.


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  • views: 3889
  • date: 2-16-21
14 years of experience as a Fashion Designer in New York City. Expertise in Womens, Juniors, & Childrenswear. Design background in Activewear, Athleisure, & Sportswear. #OpenToWork

Claudia Sarez

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  • date: 2-16-21
My goal as a fashion designer is to create clothing that is not only stylish, but is also keeping sustainability in mind.

Shaun Hng

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  • views: 138
  • date: 2-16-21
Visual Merchandising through Science | Consumer Experience & Psychology

Gina Fazio

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  • views: 335
  • date: 2-15-21
Experienced Art Director, Designer and CAD/Graphic Artist with a demonstrated history of working in the Apparel & Accessories industry. Original and Licensed product development. Excellent Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator skills.

Matthew Demgen

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  • views: 10487
  • date: 2-14-21
Hands-on Design Director/Illustrator, proven, with a passion and vision for innovative fashion designs supported by a solid art and design background while excelling at team leadership and the ability to work with and inspire those on the team.