Anna Paola Pascuzzi

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  • date: 10-21-18
In need of a professional shoe designer? we do provide shoe design services: from research to final sample collection; more info on and

andrew wong

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  • date: 10-20-18
A dedicated and reliable Creative Director with extensive experience driving and empowering teams in the development of new market-ready designs and products to meet the needs of seasonal trends and bold innovation

Larisa Yarmolinets

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  • date: 10-19-18
Accomplished creative fashion designer with extensive experience in apparel Strong analytical global trend research Innovative brand development from concept to final product Elevated taste level and color sense

Soutaine Jobson

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  • date: 10-18-18
I’m a Creative whom aspires to create innovative wear for women who loves exuding themselves through colors and patterns. Bold women whom aren’t afraid of standing out without shame and embrace their individuality.

Atiim Turnbull

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  • date: 10-17-18
Innovative Sportswear Designer fusing inspiration received from the contemporary, premium, vintage, athletic, streetwear, and mass markets.