Emily Weise

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  • date: 11-30-23
When designing new looks, I always want to create size-inclusive clothing that any person can wear. I want people to feel comfortable, confident, sexy, and stylish. I love using color and patterns to create a visual impact.

Evon Lam

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  • date: 11-15-23
Senior accessory designer with a can-design-anything attitude! I have designed Women's handbags, Kids handbags, and Women's/Kids soft accessories. I love adding new categories to my background! Freelance or Full-time.

Arlene Nilsson

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  • date: 11-14-23
CORE COMPETENCIES: • Handbag and accessory design • Technical design: techpacks/CADS • Graphic design: trend boards, linesheets, lookbooks, web assets • Illustration skills: hand sketching, photo retouching, digital rendering