arleen rios

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  • date: 12-2-21
10+ years in the fashion industry. Strong knowledge in tech packs, denim, cut & sew knits, technical design, garment construction, production, and patterns. Looking for work in the San Francisco Bay Area

JR Soulsby

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  • date: 12-1-21
Apparel designer with a focus on sustainable initiatives and elements. Work showcases an emphasis streetwear and graphic design.

Renée White

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  • date: 11-22-21
Hi, I'm Renée! Art & Fashion is my oxygen- I'm a Textile & Apparel Graphic Designer with over 16 yrs of experience, which has equipped me with a multifaceted understanding of the harmonious (and delightful) relationship between those two disciplines.

Deonaé Carter-Beale

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  • date: 11-17-21
I am a fashion design student willing to work and gain experience in the fashion industry to enhance my skills as a designer.


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  • date: 11-14-21
Professional graphic artist with extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator programs, so as fine art skill in drawing and painting. A dedicated team player who is also able to work independently.

Melissa Fisher

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  • date: 11-12-21
Graphic Artist with 20 years experience in Children's Apparel. I love to collaborate with Design Teams, and also am a highly motivated self-starter and multi-tasker. I have strong illustration skills and a keen sense of graphic trends.