Alexa Zhukova

  • images: 50
  • views: 49
  • date: 5-12-22
Currently finishing obtaining a Bachelor's in Fashion Design and Costume Minor

Amy Ma

  • images: 34
  • views: 42
  • date: 5-12-22
My design philosophy is creating women’s wear that expresses soft femininity while also exuding the sexy nature of the women's body. I want to bring body positivity to my designs.

Tajia Stroud

  • images: 44
  • views: 159
  • date: 5-12-22
I am a technical fashion designer specializing in, but not limited to illustration, pattern-making, and construction. I am also proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and Microsoft Suite.

Emily Weise

  • images: 38
  • views: 82
  • date: 5-12-22
When designing new looks, I always want to create size-inclusive clothing that any person can wear. I want people to feel comfortable, confident, sexy, and stylish. I love using color and patterns to create a visual impact.

Natalie Arriaga

  • images: 31
  • views: 55
  • date: 5-12-22
The inspiration for my designs revolves around the things I love, feel, and experience on a daily basis. All my designs are pieces of my soul materialized into garments.