Alexis Cortes

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  • date: 4-16-14
Performance-driven manager offering 6 years of comprehensive achievements across product development, advertising and retail disciplines. Culturally connected to global consumer, current global marketing trends, and product line targets.



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    Purdue University/Communication Media Studies - Ad
    Ars Sutoria/Shoemaking - New York at FFaNY

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Product Line Manager, Men\'s and Women\'s - Tsubo (May 2013 – February 2014)
Associate Product Line Manager, Men\'s Fashion - UGG Australia (March 2012 – May 2013)

Managed and developed the brand product line. Responsible for all activities involved with the process of bringing a successful product to market. Reviewed progress continually through product life cycle to ensure attainment of objectives. Conducted regular market research on competitive brands to have a more thorough understanding of competitive price points, consumer needs, distribution, product definitions, and product lines to better gauge the market for positioning of the brand. Collaborated with the brand team to develop a global strategy for the brand. Conducted and analyzed market research including trends, colors, and materials to identify growth opportunities. Drafted product briefs to provide design and development direction for the branding and creating line plans to meet business objectives.

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