Juliet Nowicki

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  • date: 1-17-17
This portfolio is created for my NCVPS high school Art of Fashion Design course.

Angelica Valverde

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  • views: 45
  • date: 1-16-17
A versatile and unique designer with a passion for technical design and pattern making. Currently working as a Director of Design for a sports uniform company.

Sandee Herradon

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  • views: 11
  • date: 1-16-17
I created these designs throughout my Online Fashion course. They represent my views on fashion and how I like to design.

Gary Suto

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  • date: 1-16-17
I have over 20 years of experience with major apparel manufactures as well as with smaller start up companies. My skills include Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Technical Design.