Lawri Williamson

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I am a former designer of bridal & special occasion jewelry & hair accessories with an extensive background in marketing strategy development, brand development, and corporate communications.
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I got into jewelry and accessories design because I kept looking for pieces for myself that weren't out there. So when it comes to design, I look to create pieces that are different.

The pieces shown in my portfolio were made in 2004-2005. At the time, I was creating a style that was a very unique combination of modern and vintage styles and components. Since then, numerous designers and Etsy crafters have taken to making similar pieces, so I no longer make them. I prefer to create things that no one else is creating, believing that if it already exists, there is no need to re-create it.

I would be thrilled to talk in terms of new ideas with someone interested in hiring me, but having poured a ton of financial resources into the business the first time around, I have no interest in going solo a second time.

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