Mahalina R

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  • date: 10-18-17
I aspire to cultivate the silhouette of feminine ‘la mode’, to up-market womens’ fashion palette, to inspire, revamp and influence trends via androgynous flamboyancy and the deconstruction of Haute Couture.

Minjung Kang

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  • date: 10-17-17
I\'m fashion designer Minjung Kang in Seoul and Tokyo. After studying in Paris, working in South Korea and Japan is the chief designer. I like to live always with a sense of challenge, and on this time I want to work other countries for new challenge.

Fanny Gallegos

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  • date: 10-14-17
I am committed to creating a unique fashion environment that gives clientele individuality. With the immense knowledge meeting the needs of society today, while respecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.