robert Avalos

  • views: 47
  • date: 1-17-17
Recent fashion design graduate, highly creative and detail oriented. Exceptional skills in fashion illustration and technical sketches. Looking to learn and grown as an illustrator, pattern maker, or designer. Always looking forward to the future.

Juliet Nowicki

  • images: 4
  • views: 7
  • date: 1-17-17
This portfolio is created for my NCVPS high school Art of Fashion Design course.

Angelica Valverde

  • images: 40
  • views: 44
  • date: 1-16-17
A versatile and unique designer with a passion for technical design and pattern making. Currently working as a Director of Design for a sports uniform company.

Sandee Herradon

  • images: 16
  • views: 10
  • date: 1-16-17
I created these designs throughout my Online Fashion course. They represent my views on fashion and how I like to design.