Brooke McDonald

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  • date: 11-16-18
* Freelance Fashion Designer and Illustrator * 10 years industry experience * Sleepwear, intimates, sportswear, evening wear, and accessories * Excellent presentation skills. Beautiful hand sketches as well as Illustrator bodies.


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  • date: 11-15-18
Fashion/Textile Designer for Women's and Men's wear with a passion for fashion and creative hands-on work experience seeking a position in a dynamic work environment.

Steven Hoffman

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  • date: 11-14-18
I am a creative fashion-forward designer with a high-end aesthetic for womenswear and menswear. My design philosophy can range from innovative construction and intricate seaming to refined minimalism.

Federica Gravati

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  • date: 11-14-18
Hello I'm Federica, a Fashion Designer and illustrator with international taste for good clothing. I come from Italy and I've worked for some of the most important sportswear and urbanwear brands.