JoAnn Lieberman

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  • date: 8-21-19
Versatile, multi-disciplined freelance artist specializing in print and surface design development utilizing traditional hand paint techniques and CAD for women's fashion, children's wear, petwear, stationery, home goods, concepts & trends

Velimir Marinov

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  • date: 8-21-19
Fashion Designer Stylist and Illustrator for Women,Men,Kids and Teens Apparel,Bridal Gowns,Promo Dresses,Party Dresses,High End Out Couture Dresses,Women,Men ,Teens and Kids Knitwear,Special Occasions Dresses,Vanguard Design for Men and Women

Arlene Nilsson

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  • date: 8-20-19
CORE COMPETENCIES: • Handbag and accessory design • Technical design: techpacks/CADS • Graphic design: trend boards, linesheets, lookbooks, web assets • Illustration skills: hand sketching, photo retouching, digital rendering

Amy Knowlton

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  • date: 8-20-19
Experienced Designer with over 11 years experience working in the industry. Worked for companies such as Ralph Lauren, EXPRESS and Macy's with vast mass market experience as well. Very versatile and have worn many hats within each company.


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  • date: 8-19-19
Hello, I'm Fashion design director Jenna. I’ve always loved designing and building create thing, so I suppose it’s natural that I became a fashion designer. I’ve worked in a variety of roles and companies, which I’ve learned a lot from,

Natalie Loftus

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  • date: 8-18-19
Globally immersed/agile creative, with a diverse portfolio and international design experience throughout the US, the UK, Europe, and Asia.

William Taswell III

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  • date: 8-17-19
Senior level designer with an innate sense of style with a strong eye to forecast/interpret viable trends, including influentially changing consumer lifestyles, to create passionately from both a successful, creative and business standpoint.