Ginnel Diaz

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  • date: 5-23-19
A confident & creative designer who is motivated, self-sufficient, and innovative. Possessing a strong background in illustration, print, & graphic design; with a love for fashion, color, typography, & art. Constantly pushing the limits of design.

Arlene Nilsson

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  • date: 5-21-19
CORE COMPETENCIES: • Handbag and accessory design • Technical design: techpacks/CADS • Illustration skills: hand sketching, photo retouching, digital rendering • Graphic design: trend boards, linesheets, lookbooks

Hannah lander

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  • date: 5-21-19
My name is Hannah Lander. I am the Creator Director of Hernan Lander LLC Since 2009. I graduated Parson's school of design as designer of the year in 2008. Since I was in school. I have been working for big names in the industry such as Donna Karan

LJ Haack

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  • date: 5-20-19
Creative, motivated & enthusiastic CAD designer whose dedication has led to successful brand lines and projects. Exceptional collaborative & interpersonal skills, along with strong computer & analytical skills to produce unique and creative results.


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  • date: 5-19-19
Fashion/Textile Designer for Women's and Men's wear with a passion for fashion and creative hands-on work experience seeking a position in a dynamic work environment.

Nadia Cottone

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  • date: 5-17-19
Sr. Graphic Designer/Art Director with over 10+ years in the fashion for childrens/tweens/juniors/missy business. Possess trend analysis, art direction, textile design and production design using the latest technology of all Adobe Suite Programs