Grisel Ortiz

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  • date: 10-25-16
Versatile Fashion Designer with a bohemian flair, passionate about prints and color. My experience across multiple markets has enabled me to fuse the business and creative side to reach a global audience.

Bre Neidt

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  • views: 9
  • date: 10-25-16
Performance apparel designer with 12 years design experience looking to make new professional connections. I have a passion for garments that look and feel great using up to date fabric and construction technologies.

Santiago Ceballos

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  • views: 7819
  • date: 10-24-16
International experience with efficient, organized and innovative ideas. My goal is to provide you with a vision that will create more than a trend, but a statement. http://santiagocdfashion.wix.com/portfolio

William Taswell III

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  • views: 110208
  • date: 10-24-16
Senior level designer with an innate sense of style with a strong eye to forecast/interpret viable trends, including influentially changing consumer lifestyles, to create passionately from both a successful, creative and business standpoint.

Fausto Osejo

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  • views: 192
  • date: 10-24-16
well rounded designer, skill include, knits, technical design, mens and womans, accessory, and shoe, as well as others. i have work history as run way designer, as well as technical designer, all with always designing for my own label PLUSH HABITS.

Kevin Thai

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  • date: 10-24-16
Creative Director of Men’s Design with extensive experience and knowledge in development, coordination, and management of various apparel labels and licensees. Strong background in the Outerwear, Wool, and Leather Categories as well Activewear.