Beatriz Lozano

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  • date: 7-1-16
Goal-oriented, driven and diligent individual who is not afraid of hard-work. I have acquired vast experience in the industry in a transition of 9 years. Main expertise is in life style contemporary women's market.

Julia Bartsch

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  • date: 6-30-16
creative and driven accessory designer with a unique design handwriting and a strong, diverse portfolio. defined personal aesthetic, but also very able when designing with a specific costumer in mind. -Please get in touch to review my full portfolio-

Christian Vercellino

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  • date: 6-30-16
I am Christian Vercellino a menswear designer. Determined, creative and dedicated, i have an international vision for design and providing certain attitude and individuality is my main approach. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CHRISTIANVERCELLINO

Jenia Tahmasebi

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  • date: 6-30-16
I have a passion for artistic and technical excellence in the apparel/swimwear design, infant and toddler accessories environment with an intense commitment to deliver the highest quality product.

April Roy

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  • date: 6-30-16
A graduate from the International Academy of Design-Chicago with a B.A in Fashion Design, I am currently seeking employment as an Associate/Assistant Designer. I am Proficient in Pattern Making, Flat Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop.