Isabella Zocchi

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  • date: 5-24-17
Seeking for hat-maker or multifaceted and creative consultant to develop your next project? I’m here to help! I’d take care of your projects turning ideas into mass-producible products in jewelry, watches, shoes, bags and headpieces business.

Designer Profile – Joseph Palermo

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  • date: 5-24-17
What should everyone know about you? JP: Vast and varied experience, in delivering a successful shoe business both at retail and wholesale. Trend Analysis, Concept Development, Total Design Responsibility & Line Merchandising, Prototyping, Fit Corrections, Marketing, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Retail, HR…

Chanté Gossett

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  • date: 5-24-17
Detail oriented and driven apparel designer with experience in womenswear. I thrive in a fast-paced environment where I can use my creativity to produce beautiful and innovative garments.

sarah kuenstler

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  • date: 5-24-17
This is my Portfolio for the NCVPS online course, I think these designs show my growth through out the course and shows my creative side when it comes to fashion.