Top 5 Pet Peeves of Fashion Industry Recruiters

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If you’ve ever been tardy to an interview or quickly applied to a job without a cover letter you might getting on that recruiter’s last nerve. conducted a survey of 100 fashion industry recruiters regarding their pet peeves to help candidates like you get closer to the job you want. If you want to get on a recruiter’s good side try to avoid the following…

  1. Applying to positions for which they are not qualified.
  2. Unprepared for the interview (i.e.: not researching company, generic questions, etc…).
  3. Poorly written resume and/or generic cover letter (or no cover letter at all).
  4. Embellishing and/or falsifying their resume.
  5. Aggressive job-seekers (i.e.: applying more than once, calling/emailing excessively, defensive attitude).

Honorable mentions include:

  • Not following application instructions
  • Arriving early/late to an interview
  • Personal presentation (i.e. poorly dressed, too much perfume, etc.)
  • Unenthusiastic about position, just wanting a job

Are you guilty of any of these recruiter grievances? If so, you may want to remedy these mistakes to land the job you’ve been dreaming of. The bottom line is that job seekers should be thoughtful in every step of the job search process. Remember, at the end of the day, it is people dealing with people.