Shanegwa Marshburn

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  • date: 5-30-18
Art of Fashion Portfolio Spring 2018 Shanegwa Marshburn
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Spring Pop of Color Fun

Spring Pop of Color Fun X
This collection showcases the rough sketch processes and trail and error as well as finished looks of the bright, fun colors of spring for a fashionable look everyone will love!

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The following look was a test of my fashion skills. It forced me to use natural products to create a look. While I used newspaper which is not my top choice for natural materials, I was pleased with the overall results and like my design for look.
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    Pender High School

More Information

My inspiration for my collection comes from my favorite store, Rue 21. The fashion designs use a lot of colors and graphic which I find inspirational and like to use in my own fashion designs. In my own personal designs, you will see a mixture of bright, bold colors, a lot of patterns such as zig-zags, diamonds, and swirls. I like to use a lot of form fitting looks that accentuate the body in positive ways. I have borrowed the bright colors and patterns, but the styles that I have created are all my own creations. In my layout for my portfolio, I have chosen to showcase the process of rough sketches and completed looks to highlight my work.

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