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About Me Comfort and individuality are the most important aspects of my design process. it is essential to me that my clothes be applicable to all body types. I believe confidence is a person's most attractive attribute.
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2016-17 X
This is a collection of images from my sophomore and junior years of college at MassArt.


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A collection of images from my thesis progress: Syndicate.
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About Me

I want my customer to feel great in the skin they’re in. Personally I believe that an outfit you love, that makes you feel good, can lead to you feeling great all day. A bold print and some funky textures can liven up any wardrobe. My goal is to create chic, empowering and bold designs.
Becoming known for having brand new never before seen designs/silhouettes is not what is important to me as a designer. What is important to me is taking the classics and basics, remodeling them as my own and broadening the customer range. As mentioned before it’s making the customer feel fierce and empowered that’s my top priority. My customer is a woman who likes flattering yet playful silhouettes. She isn’t afraid to break up her collection of basic interchangeable garments with prints. She prefers to have options that she can wear on weekends and weekdays at the office. I typically design for someone who fills her closet for layering options for versatility.
I tend to take inspiration from past designers and history. Art museums are a huge source of inspiration, especially when thinking of a color palette. Different styles of architecture also fuel my inspiration. Whether contemporary, Tudor- style or Victorian, all become stimulating and sources of inspiration. I also love to just look at trends I see on the street and think of ways I can translate them into new design ideas.

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