Romy Calzado

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"The secret is that I am never satisfied with myself" this saying express my way to live and design. I love fashion world, it is amazing and revitalizing, despite the frenetic rhythms. I am capable, problem solving, eager to show you my talent.
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My name is Romy Calzado, I am a fashion designer. I was born in Cuba but grow in Italy. My aesthetic taste is a fusion between the colours of my land and the timeless elegance of European culture. I love fashion world, I think it is amazing and revitalizing, despite the frenetic rhythms. I am a capable person, determined, problem solving, creative thinking and team player; I love working in a team in which learn. I have experience as fashion and textile designer, costume theatrical designer and pattern maker. I am looking for a job position in which show my talent and skills. Willing to move in another country.

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