John Lee

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  • date: 5-15-17
Technical fashion designer dealing with men's outerwear fashion and mostly using Illustrator and Photoshop with making garment detail construction in Webpdm. One of my ultimate goal in fashion industry is to create fresh inspirational fashion design.
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Fashion Meets World Famous Architectures

Fashion Meets World Famous Architectures X
These outerwear garment sketch showing are the close examples of inspirations from well-known architects in the world, transforming them into quilting pattern and embroideries depending on its associated features.
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    Fashion Illustration
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    Men's Outerwear
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    Illustrator, Photoshop, Webpdm, Excel, ApparelMagic, FashionGPS
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I get inspired from all universe that people can imagine, but it should be fresh, mind-blowing, and eye-catching . I am always thinking about well-organized management and new-technology that can be proactive from any complicated structure that can make it delay in production.

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