Flavia Tesei

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Innovative and creative professional with extensive experience creating and providing footwear and bags design based on women’s and men's shoes, fashion research, together with deep knowledge on shoe technology from initial concept to retail sale.
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Women shoes

Women shoes X
Some shoe designs that most represent my style, feminine and luxurious

Women shoes designs in black/white

Women shoes designs in black/white X
Black and white design shoes

Casual sporty women shoes

Casual sporty women shoes X
Sporty and casual styles

Fancy and trendy styles with some original cut


Mood boards

Mood boards X
Inspirational mood boards
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    Modern, Luxury, elegant, casual
    elegant, casual, luxury
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    Adobe photoshop, illustrator, cad design
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More Information

I’m a freelance designer and I have more than 16 years of experience in womens footwear design and about 5 years in bag design.
I’m very creative with excellent design abilities and I also like to solve the practical problems concerning the product development. I’m also able to design and create clothing and other stuff as leather goods.
My main experience concerns women shoes together with mens and bags design. I have also been working with companies outside of Italy. My skills include sketching the ideas for the new collections, together with the study of new lasts and heels, following the entire process (from idea to construction).
I complete the sample presentation with creation of inspirational mood boards to translate the main concepts and, in the same time, to attend at the accessories fairs to search for new materials and trends.
I have good knowledge of leathers and fabrics and a strong experience as pattern maker, because I often create the “standards” and the basic cardboard to experiment new artworks or different styles.
I am flexible and I respect the deadlines when a work (even urgent) is requested.

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