Renay Wells

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RENAY WELLS FREELANCE DESIGNER/PATTERN MAKER/PRODUCTION MANAGER/BRAND CONSULTANT • Innovative and creative….that’s ME! • Driven and dedicated….that’s ME! • Passionate about swimwear….that’s ME! • Living the fashion lifestyle….that’s ME!
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Miss Maneater Swimwear

Miss Maneater Swimwear X
ABOUT OUR DESIGNER: Renay Wells IS Miss Maneater Not only the designer behind the styles, but add in the job of being THE pattern making genius to create the BEST FITTING designer swimsuits and boutique bikinis.

Hot Tuna JUNIORS 2007/08

Hot Tuna JUNIORS 2007/08 X
Global designs for US/UK/AU market Swimwear, boardshorts + rash vests

MissManeater 2017/18

MissManeater 2017/18 X
NEW MissManeater COLLECTION of designer swimsuits & boutique bikinis

HK submission SWIM summer 2016/17

HK submission SWIM summer 2016/17 X
current trends for WOMENS swim

Larimar Swim

Larimar Swim X
Larimar : Like the rare crystal from the fabled ‘City of Atlantis’ it is named after, Larimar is a quality swimwear label that incorporates the earth elements appealing to the young confident natural soul.

PillowTalke MOOD boards

PillowTalke MOOD boards X
Male 18 to 30yr old TRENDS summer 2016/17
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More Information

I have been working in the surf industry for the past 19 years.

The past year 8years I have been self-employed in the launch of 2 online based, swimwear brands.

Prior to I was employed by an international company based in Sydney, which also had me based in their offices in Orange County & Downtown LA. Also working for that company, I was based in a production role in Shanghai, China.

After experiencing the culture of global fashion, I had been inspired to expand my portfolio globally.

My experience also includes assisting in the design, patternmaking, fitting & production of high-end swimwear with a recognised Australian label JETS Swimwear based in Sydney.

I have had many years experience in dealing with manufactures based in China & Hong Kong, with a number of trips living & working in Asia to follow-up the production of garments.

I am experienced in all facets of the fashion industry, from working with retail buyers & merchandisers, to producing garments locally & off-shore.

Originally trained as a fine artist, I have studied life drawing & illustration but more recently have been computer generating, repeat & placement prints, styles & garments from swimwear, boardshorts, tshirts, woven garments & denim.

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