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My design aesthetic is maximalism, I have a tendency with design to make excess of a sort of thing. As such, I want to make embellishment and I don't like to limit myself to put some elements to my design. I love to be bold, and rebel against rules.
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"Wisteria" Collection '18

"Wisteria" Collection '18 X
The first collection in Degree Project I class called "Wisteria", and it is inspired by Wisteria tree. It specialized in Couture Evening, and it aims to be feminine, flowy, yet it could be for business casual women due to the silhouette.

"Shaved Ice" Collection '18

"Shaved Ice" Collection '18 X
The second collection in Degree Project I class called "Shaved Ice", and it intends to be for younger audience. It aims to be playful and fresh because Shaved Ice reminds me of my childhood, and it makes me younger. It focus on the layers in the coll

"Cambodia Anthropology" Collection '18

"Cambodia Anthropology" Collection '18 X
The last collection in Degree Project I class called "Cambodia Anthropology", and it is inspired by my family's homeland, Cambodia. It's mainly focus on its culture, and the details from Khmer Classical Ballet and Angkor Wat. Main color accent is mos
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