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Cuddle Barn Commerce, CA 07/15 – Present
Product Developer - Animated Plush Toys
-Product development coordination: Give designers direction for categories and private label, instruct sound engineer for music cuts, advise on pre-pro issues for IC chips issues, skin/clothing details, plush character style
-Coordinate 50+ projects simultaneously with Teamgantt assistance
-Prototype sample tracking and market research
-Head of licensing program – Current program with Lil Bub and Jiffpom
-Travel internationally to meet with suppliers and sample room to complete projects (China)
-Contribute ideas to design process for products and marketing (catalogs and ads)
-Give catalog designer all data and layout information, completed the 2016 large catalog
-Design hang tags and other vector art as needed
-Manage embroidery bandana program, create vector art for companies in need of logos
-Tradeshow planning, coordinate dressing custom projects for individual shows

Anasai 2/15-6/15
Designer Childrens Premium clothing
Design and execute seasonal collections
Imported from India

Charlie Rocket Los Angeles, CA 02/06-02/15
Designer-Children’s (premium clothing, garment dye and cut and sew)
-Develop and execute 4 collections a year (Domestic) Infant, Toddler, 4-14yrs
-Development includes: color sourcing, trend shopping, silhouette development, create and re-color swimwear prints, give graphic artists art direction, design t-shirt graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator, create catalog layouts, attend fittings
-Analyze previous year sales with management
-Attend New York/Los Angeles trade shows as sales rep and designer
-Create tech packs
-Develop special projects with buyers
-Supervise pattern maker, sample sewers and assistant designers
-Work with overseas vendors for imported collections

JR Apparel/Hourglass Label Commerce, CA 03/05-01/06
Designer-Junior Dresses/sportswear (cut and sew)
-Research trends for upcoming seasons
-Analyze previous market sales with sales team
-Sketch flats and design cards for first samples
-Work with buyers with product development/private label and pre-pro issues
-Attend fittings on a weekly basis
-Coordinate 1st samples and duplicate lines
-Communicate with overseas, local trim and fabric vendors
-Manage overall work flow for patternmaker/sewers

Jeanius Corp./575 Denim Los Angeles, CA 10/04-03/05
Associate Designer- Denim (garment dye)
-Research trends and develop new bodies
-Develop new wash techniques
-Sketch, create line sheets
-Assist with tech packs and fitting
-Duplicate sample line for all sales teams (domestically)
-Work with buyer with private label development (Guess, RVCA)
-Work closely with contractors and laundries

Ready To Wear/Hourglass Label Commerce, CA 04/04-10/04
Assistant Designer-Junior Dresses (cut and sew)
-Assist with flat sketching dress line
-Source fabric and trim (domestically)
-Work on cost sheets, line sheets, design cards and trim cards
-Organize fabric coding and fabric swatching
-Coordinate 1st samples and duplicates
-Send t.o.p's and follow up

Education Brooks College Long Beach, CA 10/02-03/04
Associates of Arts Degree -Deans List 2003/04 – Alpha Beta Gamma member

*Earnshaw Childrens Award Winner 2011, 2012
* Featured in Teen Vogue Magazine – “Beauty and the Bag” 2004

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