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Seeking New Opportunities in a productive and Creative work environment.Offering my knowledge of Fashion, Design, Color, and Production to an innovative and thriving work space. Samples of work:
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    Fashion Illustration
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    School of Visual Arts

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136 N 8th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Seeking full-time/Freelance opportunities in Apparel industry as a Designer/ Graphic Designer

Graphic Design (Freelance),NY
Contributing to the productivity of the art department. Creating hand drawn flats, computer aided flats, colorways, color matching, graphics, accessories, presentation boards, mood boards, Specs and tech packs. Use my skills to contribute to the creativity and efficiency of the art department.
Clients have included: B.A.S.S, World Wide Apparel, GJM, Cathy Daniels,Plugg, Fila,Reference Point 5/05-6/05,Calvin Klein 6/05-Current,Jeep, Bumble Bags

Graphic Design/Design (SaraMax)NY

Responsible for all Graphic Design,Illustration,Prints,placements Etc. for Mid Tier department. Work with Merchandiser to establish look of each season then develop bodies, research trends, and establish color in support of current direction.

Designer/Graphics (Cool Wear),NY
6/04- 1/05

Responsible for All Illustration within the sweaters and Cut and Sew department for Juniors, kids and Missy. Responsibilities include drawing, and developing garments from flat sketch to tech pack. Work with Head designer to develop the current season.

Assist Designer/CAD (Freelance),NY

Responsible for all aspects of design within each project. First the concept and general aesthetic is determined through initial sketches. Once a clear understanding is established for the project Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, freehand etc. are utilized to create all Illustration and graphic elements necessary to complete the project. Projects include creating bodies, prints, repeats, high end designs, packaging and promotional materials.

Graphics Lead/Design (Berek),NY
1/01- 9/03

Created Graphics, Conversational Prints and flat sketches, for Sweaters, and Cut n Sew knits. Responsible for color matching, creating trend boards, tech packs. Files were prepared digitally and sent to Asia for final production. Also responsible for creating all brand graphics including logos, letterhead, business cards, labels and hang tags.

School of Visual Arts.NY 2001
MFA, Computer Art

San Jose State University,CA 1999
BS Illustration/Design

Evergreen College, CA 1991-1994
Certificate Fashion Design


Mac/ PC: Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2,Streamline, Corel Draw, Painter, Web PDM,Quark, MS Office, Maya, Outlook Express, File Maker, Other Skills: Spec, Fittings,Flat Sketching,Drawing,Painting(Gouache/Watercolor) Computer Scanning, Digital photography, Color Matching, Printing, Copying, Pre-Press, Various illustration techniques.

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