Luxury Silk Scarves Rare unique pieces, handmade 100% in Berlin, 7 color silk screen print on silk using reactive dyes, handrolled hem.

B R A I N F L O W E R S + + + + + + + + + + FASHION: Lettau ll. PRINT : Heiner Radau PHOTOS : Chantelle Gomez ————————— HAIR: Oliver Weiß MAKE-UP: Johi von Bruises MODELS:Katja (Puls Model) Marina Uhrinova Ghoitse (VIVA) Katharina Dezer (M4Models

100% made at home. UNIVERSE PRINT REPEAT repeat tile size: 70x120cm, screen printed by the meter, using reactive dyes on G.O.T.S. cotton
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    Hand Drawing
    Manual Silk Screen Print
    Reactive Dyes
    Fountain Pen
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    KHB-Art School Berlin

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Hi, nice to meet You and thanks for checking me out.
I offer crafting skills and knowledge in illustration, textile- and print design for fashion. Within my short time as a professional i had the pleasure to work for clients including AlexanderMcQueen, lala Berlin as well as Jean Paul Gaultier.
I'm always i'm looking for vibrant and inspiring people who want to shape the future of fashion and art.
I'm available for freelancing, as well as fun projects. Feel free to get in touch or connect online.

Kind regards: Heiner Radau

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