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    Fashion Illustration
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    Project Based
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    Parsons New School
    Studyed couture draping w/ A.Lin
    Lead designer for Alex London
    Lead Designer for A.L.D.

More Information

Over the last year Alex has founded the higher end label Alex London. Alex\'s current goal is to have the line featured in London, Paris and NY Fashion Week as well as on the red carpet. One dream came true on February 13th....NY Fashion Week!!! With the label receiving increasing amounts of attention from the media and designers alike, one can only hope that the rest is not too far off for a fresh face in the world of fashion.

Having shown collections and new work in a variety of different scenes, and at a rapid pace, Alex truly hopes to some day continue where fashion icon Alexander McQueen sadly left off. With an eye for the disturbingly beautiful, and a sense of humor to match, Alex London aims to show the world that what is wonderful is not always what is expected.

ALD by Alex London is the ready to wear branch of Alex London. This offers a lower price point and allows a wider range of sizes and versions of the higher end garments.

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