Nafiseh Abdolvahabi

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  • date: 12-7-18
NAFI I am an Apparel Merchandising and Management professional at Cal Poly Pomona with a concentration in Production. I have good leadership & teamwork skills. Able to communicate efficiently with others & finish tasks in a fast passed environment.
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    Fashion Illustration
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    Classical, Urban
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    Apparel Merchandising and Management Production
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    Cal Poly Pomona
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More Information

In the short-term view I see myself working as an established professional in the fashion industry as a production development assistant. I want to do that for a few years and feel like I really understand the industry.
In the long-term view I hope to began working for a big company like ADIDAS as a creative designer. I want to bring new and innovative ideas into the world.
I enjoy drawing, music, camping, and traveling.

In my AMM courses I have learned how to work on Adobe Illustrator, TUKA Design, and Excel. Those classes taught me the full process of designing a basic flat, making a technical pattern of the flat, sewing the garment, and embroidering/digitally printing on it.

Learning Outside the Classroom:
I have interned in LA as a production development intern for LA Fashion Source. My job there was to source for fabrics/trimmings and follow up with our process of production.
I also work on the side for GRC in LA, they are a California graphics and design company. With GRC I have learned how to use a heat press machine, screen print, create invoices, and create webpages on WIX.
both of these experiences have been great and have taught me a lot about the working fashion industry.

Reflection of working with LA Fashion Source:
I have interned in LA as a production development intern for LA Fashion Source. It is a company where designers can go to with their ideas, and we would start the production of their garment. When a designer and wants something designed, we first discuss designs and fabrics with them and then source fabrics for their approval. That is where I came in and would source places that I could go to that had the fabrics and trimmings the designer had in mind. One of my first tasks for instance was to source denim fabrics that matched the sample denim a client had brought in. I went in to a few denim textile locations and found a few swatches for our client to look through. I also had to find some well-priced rivets for the jeans and when the locations I visited did not have the price we wanted I found a website that sent them for close to nothing from china. Once the denim swatches and rivets were approved, we create a pattern and sample garment for the designer's approval. If the designers approve everything, I would write a PO for fabric yardage, follow up on them, and pick them up when ready. I would also drop off the fabric to the cutters and then again to the sewers. Once garment was ready, I would help lint pick, iron, fold, and package them in boxes to be sent out to designers.

I really enjoyed this internship and learned more than I expected to. I am grateful I got the chance to work with and meet so many people that did such interesting jobs. What I learned in this internship is something that has forever opened my mind to the fashion industry. In my images I have provided a picture of me at my internship.

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