András and Attila

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DIVERSE RANGE OF BRANDING AND PRODUCT DESIGN Experienced fashion designer duo familiar with the complete garment/product creation life cycle, from initial concept to retail/wholesale, with over 13 years in the fashion industry.
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Bercsényi stories

Bercsényi stories X
A unique "haute couture" menswear line created together with the New York-based tattoo artist, Balázs Bercsényi. Clear lines and meticulous detailing describe the one-of-a-kind garments which are sold according to chapters, instead of seasons.

USE UNUSED 2016 autumn/winter collection

USE UNUSED 2016 autumn/winter collection X
The collection was inspired by the beautiful photo series taken by the Hungarian photographer Janos Stekovics.The silhouettes of the collection remind us of the '70s: long coats, maxi dresses, and wide-legged palazzo pants dominate the collection.

USE bag

USE bag X
USE Bag was founded with a clear aim to cater to the everyday needs of city life. An early devotion to urban cycling has led the team to design functional, unisex leather and canvas backpacks that help its users to maintain a carefree life.

USE unused 2017 spring/summer collection

USE unused 2017 spring/summer collection X
The collection draws inspiration from the Hungarian Romani culture. Roma people make up the largest minority in Hungary. Their culture is rich, animated, colorful yet controversial.

USE unused 2017-18 autumn/winter collection

USE unused 2017-18 autumn/winter collection X
The collection was inspired by Hungarian actress and fashion icon Katalin Karady. On film, Katalin Karady often portrayed the femme fatale, while in real life she was known for her virile style.
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    1999-2004 Moholy Nagy University of Art & Design MA degree, Budapest, HUNGARY
    2003 Ecole Duperru00e9 Paris scholarship, Paris, FRANCE
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More Information

Andras and Attila first met during their university years at MOME. After many successful student collaborations together, they created a joint portfolio for their final exam, and have been working together ever since. Their skills complement each other perfectly – from concept, research, detailed planning to production and presentation, they make a great team of two.

Thanks to this collaboration and friendship, they've been able to build USE Unused, a widely known international brand, which is the only Hungarian brand listed by This journey has led them to learn more and more about various segments of the fashion world in terms of men's and women's wear, and RTW and MTM as well.

Apart from their own designs, they've worked with numerous international businesses such as Warner Bros., Procter & Gamble, Starbucks and Coca-Cola. Their collaboration with Coca-Cola has been Coca-Cola’s most successful project in the Eastern European region, creating more than 30% profit gain for the beverage company. Andras and Attila have worked on over 100 commercials with top international clients including Playstation, Greygoose, Unilever and Vodafone.

They have designed outfits for renowned hotels, private clinics and restaurants.

What they are probably (and rightfully) the most proud of, is their design and execution of the Hungarian teams' outfits for the 2016 Olympic Games, which has been listed among the best Olympic apparel by international media, too (People Magazine, USA Today, Fox Sports).

Many reputable stars have worn their creations: Tilda Swinton, Chiara Ferragni, Ashley Tisdale, Eniko Mihalik, Barbara Palvin and Vanessa Axente have all been dressed by USE Unused.

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