DESIGNER PROFILE – Kristina Soder Benshoff

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Kristina Benshoff of “Provocation Designs” studied fashion design at The Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD). In the past she has worked as a Graphic Designer and an Assistant Merchandiser for a women’s and children’s pajama company.



What is your employment status?
KSB: Independent Fashion Designer and Costume Designer living currently in Atlanta GA.

What is your official job title?
KSB: I design for my label Provocation and I am a costume supervisor.


Please summarize your professional career in 1 to 3 sentences; what should everyone know about you?
KSB: I design for my brand Provocation by Kristina Benshoff. It is is an edgy contemporary independent fashion brand with sustainable ideals and a minimalist attitude.

Describe what you do?
KSB: I create one of a kind sustainable designs. I use deadstock and designer end bolts as well as organic and natural fabrics. I purchase from companies that use eco-friendly practices such as digital printing which minimize fabric and ink waste and ethically sourcing materials from a small group of trusted vendors. As an independent designer I create everything myself, from the patterns, prints and production.


Why did you choose to be a designer?
KSB: I am unsure if I chose to be a designer; I believe it’s who I am intrinsically. I was a natural born artist and I began designing at a very young age and I was surrounded by artists.

What steps did you take to become a designer?
KSB: I received my BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and recently graduated with an MFA in Costume Design from Academy of Art University.


What is the best/most challenging part of your job?
KSB: Being an independent designer it is challenging to find the capitol to create a collection and the consistency of sales has been a challenge. I also aspire to be a sustainable fashion brand and it can be difficult finding eco-friendly materials without compromising my vision.

If you weren’t a designer what would you be?
KSB: I love to create art, I would pursue all aspects of art. Painting, fibers and print development. I would also like to teach design at a university.


How did you get started in design?
KSB: I began as an Assistant Merchandiser and CAD Graphic Designer. I began working as a Freelance Designer so I could have time to work on my own brand.

What do you like about what you do?
KSB: I enjoy being able to tell a story through fashion to inspiration, and research. The whole process of design from the initial idea, inspiration, sketching and bringing my concept into fruition is very exciting. This is why I am also drawn to costume design.

What’s a common misconception people have about what you do?
KSB: People do not realize what goes into designing fashion or costumes. It is more complicated than it looks and takes a lot of hard work, sweat and tears. It may look glamorous to outsiders, but it is just a façade.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
KSB: I see myself continuing designing and doing my art as well as teaching others the craft.

What sparked your interest in design?
KSB: My grandmother was a painter and had many books on art and design. She gave me a book on how to draw 1950’s fashion and I use to sit and draw the pictures from the book. I have been designing ever since.


Are there any types of clothing/footwear/accessories that you avoid wearing?
KSB: I do not wear really trendy clothing, I have a more minimal aesthetic.

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?
KSB: I am currently working on a sustainable Spring 2021 collection , Heirloom, inspired by traditions and items handed down from generations. I am fascinated by heritage, Americana and the continuation of traditions in a more modern context.


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your career?
KSB: To never give up, things may be hard and you may fail. If you fall get back up and keep trying. Things always seam to work out somehow. Keep creating and things will fall into place.

What advice would you give to young designers?
KSB: Never stop learning how to do new things. There are always new skills to learn in fashion and techniques for us to adopt. Learning, and the willingness to learn new things at any point in your career and life is a great way to gain a good perspective.


How has your work evolved since you began your career?
My work has always evolved naturally, I frequently explore new techniques, technologies and sustainable ways to create my garments. My fashion designs have inherently evolved into costume design as well.

What would you like to achieve before the end of the year?
KSB: I would like to get my designs manufactured and sell to boutiques.


What’s your motto?
KSB: Be brave and do what you love.

Other (feel free to tell the readers anything about you that we didn’t ask)
KSB: I am currently looking for design a design position, either in fashion or costume design and I am willing to relocate.


Kristina Benshoff of “Provocation Designs” studied fashion design at The Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD). In the past she has worked as a Graphic Designer and an Assistant Merchandiser for a women’s and children’s pajama company.