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Good morning designers!  The Thursday edition of the Daily Fix is up and ready for your reading pleasure.  What are you waiting for? Get a coffee, sit-down and get your day started-off right with The Daily Fix…

Carolina Herrera is Suing Oscar De La Renta Over Hiring of Monse Designer – The Hollywood Reporter

The fashion house hopes to block Laura Kim, former House of Herrera consultant and co-founder of Monse, from joining Oscar de la Renta until April.


Retail Titanics? Neiman, Nordstrom May Be Headed For Disaster With New Stores In New York – Forbes

Neiman Marcus will open a major store in New York City in 2018, while Nordstrom will open a major complex in 2019. These plans look foolhardy in light of how the internet is robbing stores of productivity.


China’s Millennial Consumers: What Victoria’s Secret Got Wrong, And Nike Got Right – Forbes

Chinese millennials are a new breed of consumers who will shape the future of commerce. They are very interested in consumption and excited by it. They constantly live-stream fashion shows on their phones and discuss new trends.


Alibaba Lands on U.S. Government’s ‘Notorious Markets’ List for Fakes – WSJ

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has been put back on a U.S. agency’s list of global marketplaces known for counterfeit and pirated goods.