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You may have noticed that looks a little different today.   The obvious question:  Is the new a portfolio site or a blog?  Yes.

The new is both a blog and a portfolio site. Recruiters and hiring managers will still be able to
search for designers, view their work and contact them about jobs/projects; that hasn’t changed. The blog component is focused on things that will help fashion industry designers with their careers. Topics will include Design Jobs, Career Advice, Insider Profiles, Industry News, etc…

Our mission hasn’t changed.  As a matter of fact, this new version of affirms and strengthens our original mission of helping fashion industry creatives with their careers.

We hope that you’ll update your portfolio and browse around the site.  Our plan is to add 5-10 new blog posts p/day, Monday through Friday.  Keep in mind, designer portfolios will be promoted in the blogroll with all of the other blog posts.  The most recently updated portfolios will be nearer the top.  Visiting the site and updating your profile will increase your exposure.

This is new for us too.  If you see something that doesn’t work, doesn’t work well OR something you’d like to see added to the site, let us know. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings.

I appreciate your use of and your time in reading this post.

Chris Kidd