SURVEY RESULTS: Background Checks

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Background: To help fashion industry job seekers better understand the recruiting process, we surveyed fashion industry recruiters on their use of background checks.

Why is this important? The Internet has given recruiters unprecedented access to job seeker information. Checking, for example, a candidate’s credit history or criminal record can be done quickly and cheaply through a variety of websites. Knowing what information is evaluated during background checks can help job seekers better prepare for the recruitment process.

Bonus Information: A surprisingly, high number of recruiters claim that fashion industry job seekers lie during the recruitment/hiring process. The most common lie (by a wide margin) concerns compensation. Dates of employment and job titles were the second and third most commonly lied about items. Please see below for complete results…


1. Do you check a job seeker’s personal references before hiring them?


2. Do you verify a job seeker’s work history (dates/titles/compensation) before offering them a job?


3. Do you check a job seeker’s credit history before offering them a job?


4. Do you verify a job seekers educational credentials before offering them a job?


5. Do you check to see if a job seeker has a criminal record before offering them a job?


6. What percentage of candidates fib/embellish/fabricate/lie during the recruiting process?


7. What is the most common fib/embellishment/fabrication/lie from job applicants?


(Dis) Honorable Mentions include faking experience, exaggerating technical knowledge and padding professional accomplishments.