Yasmine Gardiner

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  • date: 4-10-22
Wardrobe Stylist with experience styling clients, high-profiled individuals, and working on-set productions.
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Casual Looks

Casual Looks X
This look book is a collage of my casual outings looks!

Date Night Looks

Date Night Looks X
This look book is a collage of my date night outings looks!

Professional Wear Looks

Professional Wear Looks X
This look book is a collage of my professional outings looks!

Client Looks

Client Looks X
These are looks I created for my clients based off their themes, their stores, and their personality.
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    New York Institute of Art & Design
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I am Yasmine Gardiner, an up and coming wardrobe/tv/feature film stylist. Having experience styling on-set and styling my non-profiled and high-profiled clients. Showcasing my styles to encourage future networking and collaboration opportunities.

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