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    Fashion Illustration
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    Garment Technical Sketcher
    Trend Interpretation Illustration
    Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain Technique
    Modern Techniques of Water Color Applications
    Photoshop for Retouching
    Lingerie Design Interpretation
    Exhibition Participation
  • Schools/Training

    Fashion Institute of Technology, New York/ Associa
    University of Singapore/bachelor of Architecture D
    Stanford Who\'s Who/Awarded Honored \'Platinum\' M
    The Hong Kong PolyUniversity/Quest Lecturer:Fashio

More Information

Fashion Illustration Portolio a current feature at Google through invitation. Type into Google browser:Priscilla Mak Fashion Illustrator (for online Profile & Portfolio.

Recognized as Honored Member at Stanford Who\'s Who for Honor, Recognition and Achievement in the fields of Fashion and Architecture.

Freelance Fashion Illustrator for INSIDE FASHION magazine - 17 years

Past Monthly Contributor - Freelance Fashion Illustrator - harpers Bazaar (Hong Kong and China) - 5 years

ELLE (Hong Kong & China)- 5 years

Taught Fashion Drawing - 10 years
+ The HK Polytechnic Univ

Senior Architect - Promet Consultancy Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia - 3 years

Architect - Theron Grinage Associates, Flushing, NY, USA - 5 years

Assistant Architect -
+ Spence Robinson Architect Engineer, HK - 1 year
+ Wong & Ouyang - 2 years

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