DO-IT Project

DO-IT Project X
The bags I produce are defined by pure class & elegance, their designs are simple with great emphasis on being lightweight and their usability. Used by people for centuries, canvas & polyester will never fade out of fashion trends.

N-Gear Vintage Collection

N-Gear Vintage Collection X
In vertically integrated structure company I used to work, made it possible to customize fabric and different designs in order to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the fashion industry, customer tastes & preferences.

N-Gear Urban Collection

N-Gear Urban Collection X
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    Bags/Leather Goods
    Other Softgoods
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    Urban, Contemporary and Modern
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    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
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A keen, professional, and multi-skilled product developer, who has broad knowledge and experience in the entire process of development, material procurement, design concept implementation, supplier negotiation, and manufacturing products, to create and follow a successful collection. Thorough knowledge of textile and fabric qualities. Quick to grasp new ideas, and concepts and to develop both innovative and creative solutions to problems, I am able to work well using my own initiative and can demonstrate high levels of motivation required to meet deadlines.!

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