David Kim

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I am a recent graduate at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Fashion Design seeking a design position. - Website: - Email:
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    Fashion Institute of Technology BA

More Information

I am a recent graduate at The Fashion Institute of Technology in fashion design currently seeking a design position.

I have interned with high end companies such as, Gemma Kahng and Yuna Yang which has helped me to gain communication skills, knowledge on the industry, and take charge in many tasks. I have also experienced at a commercial fashion company Spiegel LLC, which helped my ability to multi task and be a team player. I excelled in the work that was assigned and want to gain more experience as a fashion designer.

With my concentration on sportswear, I have great skills in patternmaking and draping. Also, learned new insight on tech packs, flats, and computer illustration that is needed as a fashion designer. Having design experience, I gained business side of fashion retail, where I was a sales associate, and also a tailor at a high- end clothing boutique. Working as a tailor helped me to become knowledgeable of fabrics, fit and knowing what a customer wants in their wardrobe. On my junior year, I was recommended in becoming a fashion design tutor at F.I.T. in helping students in: draping, patternmaking, and flat and specs. Tutoring has not only strengthen my knowledge in design but also my communication skills in teaching students to understand their school assignments.

I have strong skills in organization, communication and work ethic. With my clear focus, I will excel working in the fashion industry and want to be in a company to further my knowledge as a fashion designer.

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