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    Fashion Illustration
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    Bachelor of Arts in
    Apparel Merchandising,
    Design and Textiles:
    Double emphasis in
    Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising

More Information

Finding inspiration in every aspect of her life, Kalli currently resides in Los Angeles where she chases her passion of design. She channels her idols and her muses into her design style, a long list of names that includes renowned fashion designers and her inner-most circle of trendy, stunning friends and family.

Kalli’s life revolves around the fashion industry, as she dabbles in the fields of apparel design, graphic design, styling, and fashion merchandising.


Regional Merchandiser
Signal Products, INC.
September 2013-Current | Greater Los Angeles Area, CA

Personal Stylist
Keaton Row
June 2014-Current | Los Angeles, CA

Artist / Designer
Keka Cases
September 2013-Current | Los Angeles, CA

'World of Design' Intern
Nordstrom, INC.
May 2012-September 2012 | Seattle, WA

Future Nordstrom Leaders
Nordstrom, INC.
May 2012-September 2012 | Seattle, WA

Apparel Design Intern
Mara Hoffman
May 2011-September 2011 | New York, New York

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