Chas Joynes

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  • date: 5-20-13
Over a decade of experience in menswear design and merchandising. Highly experienced in all areas of creative and technical design. Have worked on product for a range of companies and customers from LL Bean, to Avirex, to the US Marine Corps...
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    Active/Technical Apparel
    Denim Wash Development
    Textile & Print Design
    Graphics/Logo Design 443 570 8675

More Information

I have worked continuously over the past 14 years to develop as a very well rounded designer and merchandiser.

I have designed and produced merchandise continuously in a wide range of menswear categories. I am equally proficient in all technical and production aspects and can take a design from initial concept all the way to the selling floor.

Some highlights of my accomplishments:

-Design garments in most major categories including denim, woven shirts and bottoms, cut and sew knitwear, and outerwear

-15 years experience in proprietary denim fabric and denim wash development

-Extensive experience in both woven and printed fabric design.

-Create own graphics and logos

-In addition to casual apparel, I am also very well versed in high end technical product. Have produced everthing from LL Bean's fishing shirts to hi-tech seamless garments for the US Marine Corps MACS: Marine Advanced Combat Suit

And perhaps most important: I have a proven track record of profitability. As I've always said, "I've never known a designer that works for a non-profit organization".

If you are looking just for a pretty picture drawer, I might not be your man. However, if you are looking for someone that delivers great design that's on time,and profitable, I just might be the one for you.

My online portfolio shows only a very small fraction of my work. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see more of my portfolio.

Thanks for your time and interest,

Chas Joynes

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