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I have three years experience for costume design. And I am good at concept development and 3d construction (include draping, sewing and so on) I\'ve got Award from 2009 International ARTS OF FASHION competition and 2007 Han Style Fashion Design Award.

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    Costume Design
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    Concept development
    Fashion drawing
    3d construction
    Pattern making
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    Aacademy of Art University/ MFA degree in Fashion
    Sookmyung Women\'s University / Master degree of B
    Sungshin Women\'s University / BHE in Fashion Desi

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I think Fashion is not simply wearing garments but the way to express person’s philosophy and identity. I want to make an action of dressing become as ‘the culture’ with my creative ideas. I think that the color and Fashion are inseparable related. I am the person who is Multicultural and also good at Color and Design. I believe that it is great opportunity for both your company and myself. I’ll bring a new creative eye to the collection as well as new, globally salable, and luxury.

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