Alice Taylor

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  • date: 7-9-20
I am a fashion designer with a BA in Fashion Design and Marketing from Central Saint Martins. With a passion for sustainability, I founded Point To Point Clothing, working closely with rural communities to produce ethical and eco-friendly clothing.
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Drifter X
Exploring 1960's counterculture and arts alongside sustainable fibre production methods and natural dying. Colliding ideas of free thinking and escapism to produce a contemporary ethical and eco-friendly collection of womenswear for ages 25-35.

Suburban Peru

Suburban Peru X
Fashion and textiles design development to showcase juxtaposing ideas around typical suburbia and rural life, and the possibility of merging the two lifestyles. Working with women's weaving cooperatives in Peru to combine sustainability and ethics.

Fall 2020 for Point To Point Clothing

Fall 2020 for Point To Point Clothing X
Merging famous explorers and vintage leisurewear to design contemporary utilitarian clothing for women aged 25-35. Working with rural communities and artisans to produce natural dyed Khadi, Lotus, Banana and Organic Cotton clothing.

Under One Roof

Under One Roof X
A summer collection of clothing for women aged 25-30, showcasing ideas of work and travel alongside each other. Working with rural communities of block printers and natural dyers to produce ethical and sustainable designs.
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    Womenswear Designer
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    Central Saint Martins
    BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing
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My design and material choices represent careful consideration of the environment, the supply chain and the communities I work. I aim to shine a light and expose how an alternative way of producing and consuming fashion is entirely possible.

Directly sourcing fabrics in India and Peru has given me first hand experience finding sustainable and eco-friendly materials crafted by hand. Some of these materials include Lotus, Banana, Khadi Wool and Khadi Cotton. I continuously liase with spinners, weavers, natural dyers and knitters to monitor the progress of collections, from soft wovens and jerseys to hard wovens and hand knits.

Particularly through tailoring and costume making I have discovered the importance of hand finished details and quality control, and how this approach goes hand in hand across all aspects of sustainable clothing and design.

Drawing upon and continuing to be inspired by subcultures and movements that have evoked real change encourages conceptual and thought provoking design and editorial work, to showcase sustainable fashion in its most creative state combining concept and material.

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