Angie Barnston

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I have worked in the textile industry for over 25 years, both for major manufactures and converters. Worked extensively with all related design processes (stylist, engraver,print plants and customers).


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    Adobe Photoshop CS4
    Adobe Illustrator CS 4
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    East. Los Angeles College
    UCLA Extention
    New Horizons Computer

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Employment Computer Textile Designer Marimar Textiles
• Put prints into repeat color-ways, work close with Stylist. Design Original Art work for in house collection. 2008-present
Computer Textile Designer, AGX CORP.
• Put prints into repeat color ways. Work with freelancers. Develop Original art work for in house collection
Computer Textile Designer, H. Greenblatt & Company
• Put prints into repeat color-ways. Work with Stylist, Freelancers, and customers. Light pitching. 1996-2004
Freelance Textile Designer, David Dart (sportswear) DMC (sportswear) Terry Ward (sportswear) Gilbert-Frank (Swimwear) S. Edwards (Swimwear) Melrose (Sportswear)
• Custom design work, hand painted repeats colorings and Mill ready artwork. (Screen breakdown with pitched artwork). 1996-1996
Textile Designer, Carole Little.
• Design for the Missy Sportswear Division. Performed all phases of print development. Took concept, produced painted layout, and prepared the repeats. Dealt directly with Carole Little and the division design director throughout this process. Prepare paperwork including pitch sheets and followed through with all communication to many major domestic and international print plants, ensuring proper strike off. Gained strong experienced in T-shirt logo and placement.1991-1996

Textile Artist, Koniart/Kojo
• Home Furnishings manufacturer. Duties included putting art work in repeat, missing colors, painting extensive air-brush technique and color separation 1983-1991

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