Victoria Onuigbo

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  • date: 5-4-22
Hello, I'm Victoria Bachelor in Fashion Design and award winner of the best of 2022 for coordination and innovation in senior line garments at Marymount University. Honored to share my vision of creating innovative and timeless urban wear designs.
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Pure Form: Streetwear/Senior Line

Pure Form: Streetwear/Senior Line X
My inspiration for this line comes from the beauty of nature, growth, purity, uniqueness, and how one is deeply rooted within their culture. Being in the purest form you can possibly be, the nature that is untouched has always represented beauty.

Technical flats: 3d Printed Necklace

Technical flats: 3d Printed Necklace X
These are some of my technical illustrations of a 3d printed necklace project I worked on in a product development course. Focusing on a unisex line that creates timeless designs to be worn day and night, and importantly sustainability.

Avant Garde take

Avant Garde take X
Avant-Garde being the movement against mainstream fashion, and standing out from the norm is the way forward of fashion. I feel this has left a great impact on me to always be innovative and never feel afraid of creating.

90's Nostalgic take

90's Nostalgic take X
With 90s fashion being an expression of femininity, provocative and lowrise silhouettes, loud colors, along with miniskirts, inspired me to incorporate these elements into my line. This shows nostalgia and self-expression.

Styling Outfits street inspired

Styling Outfits street inspired X
some of these looks I created during my internship I did with the Joy Of Styling, these are a few of my favorites I did.
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    adobe illustrator, indesign, photoshop,canva
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    Marymount University
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