Utkarsha Gokhale

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  • date: 6-30-21
I like to explore new techniques, software's and mediums to create fascinating prints, textures and motifs. I play with colors , thoughts and take up unusual topics on which I present my creative point of view.
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My inspiration for all these prints is a kaleidoscope . For this project I made my own kaleidoscope and formed various symmetrical designs using bangles, beads . I have taken inspiration from this process to form my prints, motifs and patterns.
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    Fashion Illustration
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    Textile design
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    illustrator and photoshop
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    NIFT kannur
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One such topic I have taken is Kaleidoscope. when I was a kid I was always fascinated by the shapes, textures and designs a kaleidoscope would make. So I made a kaleidoscope from scratch and added different materials such as beads, flowers ,bangles to it. The beautiful symmetrical designs seen were just fascinating. I took inspiration from the whole process and designs to come up with my own prints. I have added my own style to the prints and I have taken inspiration in form of symmetry ,rotation , colors and motifs. to make my prints more interesting I have added different types of symmetry to my motifs. Hope you guys enjoy watching my work.

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