Susan Needham

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  • date: 2-19-20
Lifestyle Knits, Sweaters, Woven’ s and Lounge
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  • Southern CA

JL. Lifestyle Knits

JL. Lifestyle Knits X
Lifestyle Knits from concept to production Paul frank, Loyal Army

JL. Junior Lifestyle Knits

JL. Junior Lifestyle Knits X
Junior Lifestyle Knits

Abby Dawn for Kohl's

Abby Dawn for Kohl's X
Abby Dawn for Kohl's

JL Girls (7-16)

JL Girls (7-16) X
JL Girls (7-16)

JL. Jr. Seasonal and Lounge

JL. Jr. Seasonal and Lounge X
Jr. Seasonal and Lounge

Self Esteem Girls

Self Esteem Girls X
Self Esteem Girls
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