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I aspire to cultivate the silhouette of feminine la mode, to up-market women' fashion palette, to inspire, revamp and influence trends via androgynous flamboyancy and the deconstruction of Haute Couture.
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An Ombre of Nui-sanced Shades - Autumn/Winter - Private Collection

An Ombre of Nui-sanced Shades - Autumn/Winter - Private Collection X
The concept was to design a dress that had a swirling and undefined exterior that would push up against a clearly defined core that had demarked boundaries.
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    Fashion Illustration
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    Home and Wardrobe Consultant
    Ready-to-Wear, Athleisure, Loungewear and Sleepwear
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    *Home and Wardrobe Consultant *Colour and Concept Specialist *Concept Generation & Design *Project Management *Fashion Illustration *CAD Design *Creative Cloud *Kaledo Weave *Kaledo Print *PLM/ WEB PDM *Draping *Logo/ Hang Tag Design *Product Development & Prototyping *Product Marketing
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    L`Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, Parisienne, France and
    Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London
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Founder - Epaisseur of Nuanced Shades - New York

Colour and Concept Consultant I Home and Wardrobe Consultant I Painter I New York Mum of Two

​My small business venture defines me as a New York mum who is driven by cohesion and efficiency.

Our service will help harmonize a colour approach that can transcend multiple themes from your wardrobe to your bedroom, living room and kitchen through to the children’s rooms.

After a day of battles, the arrival back to a sanctuary should trigger sensory impulses that induce relaxation and tranquility. This eases the mental transition from professional mode back to a maternal one. These surroundings should reflect minimalistic simplicity that echo the impression of want less and buy less so possessions owned are those really needed.

In this world of endless choices, the challenge is how to put together that harmonious theme of minimalistic objects and colours especially with the change and growth in family dynamics where each personality comes with its respective preferences.

Simplicity I Sophistication I Cohesion I Efficiency

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