Lindsay Iraola

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Born and raised in Paris. I am a Junior Shoe designer with experience designing in Woman\'s dress, gown and accessories. I had previous work experiences in styling (image set 2), design and retail in Europe and Asia.



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    Octave Feuillet (Fashion and Arts) Paris
    Studio Berçot (Stylism & Modelism) Paris
    School of Fashion and Arts Manila

More Information

I travel a lot, always looking for new challenge within a well-established company in the fashion industry here in Europe.
I am a self starter, committed and hardworking individual, consistently aiming for new creative ideas. I am also versatile, good at multi-tasking and always eager to learn more, especially when it comes down to fashion that is a true passion to me since always. Finally I am very sociable person. I am very comfortable working with others that makes me a good team player. Working for different fashion companies in Paris and Manila, I developed some good knowledge on what is fashion through Europe and Asia.

2012 - SOFA (School of Fashion and Arts), Makati-Philippines
Certificate of Fashion Styling and Communication.(Basic styling, Conceptualization Journalism, Make-up, Photography, Apprenticeship)

2010 - STUDIO BERCOT, Fashion Designer Private Technical Education, Paris-France.(Arts history, Pattern making, Sewing, Illustration, Knitting, Draping, Drawing)

2008 - OCTAVE FEUILLET, Private Technical Education, Paris-France.
High School Diploma in Fashion and Arts: Clothing and Fashion Accessories.

Fashion experiences highlights:
2013 - Design and create a hat for Sofa students (manila school), Final Fashion Show.
February 2012/June 2012 - Stylist assistant for Luis Espiritu (freelance fashion stylist for published editorial features, print, television and celebrity advertising in the Philippines). Assist the stylist in planning and coordinating outfits and help the models to dress up.
2011 - In charge of creating attractive visual window display in retail store in Manila.

February 2010 - Assists the stylist and help to dress up the models for Rue du Mail, Lutz and Hussein Chalayan during Paris Fashion Week.

June 2008 - One month internship at “Caraco” in Paris. Assists the designer on some pieces of the collection of Givenchy.

March 2008 - Sew cocktail and evening dresses for Miss Philippines Paris 2008.

June 2007 - One month internship at “Madihannae” company in Paris. Sew evening and cocktail gowns.

Main interest:
Fashion, shoes design, drawing, showroom, exhibition, customization.

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