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FiveB Product Design
Owner / Designer

Started small design shop providing Industrial Design and Development services to the Action Sports Industry. I work with clients on a one on one basis to provide design solutions with all aspects of the product realization process, from inital brief design through to product production.

Giro Sport Design
Senior Industrial Designer

Helped launch Giro Sport Design into the action sport eyewear market. Assisted In-house designers and engineers establish a fundamental understanding of goggle and glass design and development essentials including astheics and human factor requirements. Created new designs for Giro to successfully introduce them into the Sport eyewear market, and interfaced with international vendors during initial line offering development.

Smith Optics
Senior Eyewear Designer

Responsible for the design of goggles as well as sport and fashion glasses. Worked with Marketing to develop inital product briefs and price point needs, Model making to realize 3-D form requirements and Development to ensure quality goals for each model. Heavy involvement in scheduling as well as industry trends to introduce products for both quarterly as well as seasonal releases under aggressive timelines. Collaborated with both domestic and international vendors to assure quality and design goals during product development.

BELL Sports Inc.
Senior Industrial Designer

Primary designer behind BELL cycling helmet re-imaging effort for adult and childrens helmets. Conceptualized line aesthetic via 2-D sketch presentation and 3-D clay modeling, as well as finalizing form masters for tooling patterns. Worked with development team to realize manufacturing advantages, developing new helmet tooling configurations.
Designed BELL accessory line items for branded as well as licensed accounts including Barbie, Fisher price, Blackburn, Vista light, Wal-Mart, Target, and Decathlon stores. Worked with in-house graphic team to design applied graphics and packging for helmet and accessory products.

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