Anne Cunanan

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  • date: 5-18-22
A passionate designer in using an endless amount of creativity of storytelling through fashion design.
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  • Northwest, Northern CA, Southern CA, Canada, United Kingdom

Junior Collection: Dreams and Nightmares This collection is inspired within the dream of a bride to be with different looks for her special day when she says her vow of "I do" and "till death do us part".

Life Line

Life Line X
This collection is inspired by how our life is crossed with others as some people stay by your path and others follow their path own. The red line indicates as our own life, journeying through time as the white line indicates others around us.

"The Imperial Jewel"

"The Imperial Jewel" X
This collection is inspired by a range of gems and jewels in a representation of myself and others. A rock undergoes metamorphism, where minerals are forced together under tremendous pressure and heat, similar to our own journeys.
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