7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You Never Knew Existed

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You want to work in fashion. But being a designer is competitive. It can be really hard to get – and keep – a good job.

Why? Because EVERYONE wants to be a designer. You and all the other aspiring fashionistas on the planet are lined up trying to break into the industry…as a designer.

It is cutthroat, hair pulling, cat fight style competition out there.

But what if I told you there was a shortcut?

A little known “magic” secret to faster – and easier – success?

There is. And it’s simple: go after any job other than designer.

Because (gasp!) YES, there are A LOT of jobs out there besides “designer”.

And YES, they are just as fun and just as cool (promise).

But since no one ever talks about this stuff, most aspiring fashionistas have NO idea these opportunities exist.

As a result? These jobs are MUCH less competitive and A LOT EASIER to get compared to design jobs.

These are super cool, super fun, career path fashion jobs where you work in the industry, inside a fashion brand.

They’re not the obvious ones like a buyer or a retail store manager. They’re fashion jobs that most aspiring designers have never heard of.

I’ll also share two really good reasons these unknown jobs are better than being a designer.

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